Palm Bay at Bayside

          Tampa, FL


Located at the top of Old Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida, we are a waterfront community with 100 homes surrounded by water and natural conservation.  Our community has many amenities including a beach area with sand volleyball, access to a playground, tennis courts, basketball court and a fresh water marina with direct access to Tampa Bay.



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Hillsborough Gates

Bayport Colony Master Association (they control the Hillsborough Gates)  issues vehicle decals to non members of their association which includes residents (owners and tenants) of Palm Bay Village.  Without a decal only the Visitor's Gate can be used for access.  If you sell your vehicle try and remove the decal otherwise you will have to purchase a new one.  Please email for the form and instructions for obtaining the decal.  Only this form must be used, the check must be to Parklane Real Estate Services and the form and check must be mailed to Parklane.  There are no exceptions to this process.




The HOA has established a standard mailbox for the neighborhood. Please email the HOA for more information.
























You and your home’s occupants should park your/their vehicles in the garage and not leave your/their vehicles parked on the street between the hours of midnight to 6:00 a.m.  No commercial trucks, trailers, campers or boats may be parked in the Community between the hours of midnight to 6:00 a.m.  No parking is permitted on lawn or sidewalk areas at any time.


Repeat overnight parking offenders will be given two warning notices.  On the third offense Action Towing will tow the vehicle.  Action's charge is $115 plus $5 per mile to their depot on Sheldon Road.  After 24 hours unclaimed vehicles will be charged $25 per day.  After 3 days, a $75 admin fee plus $25 for each subsequent day.


If you have overnight visitors and there is no other option (specifically there is not room in your garage or on your driveway)  except park on the street or have your boat prepped for a trip - please drop the HOA an email to avoid a towing notice.  This is a courtesy honor system - meaning guests staying one, two or three nights - of course is acceptable - but continuous periods of time - especially when there is room on the driveway is not and will be considered a parking violation.  


Please do not park directly opposite another vehicle on your street.  Visualize if you had to leave enough room for a fire truck to pass through and use common sense.


Please adhere to the parking signs at the boat ramp and the beach.  15 minute loading and unloading.   Your vehicle will be towed if it is left unattended.


Web Site Photographs

If you have any scenery photographs of Palm Bay Village that you would like to share, please email the HOA and we will be happy to place on the website.  If you have any ideas for the website, please email




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Upcoming projects: All entrance signage is due to be consolidated in an attractive single sign.  

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