Palm Bay at Bayside

          Tampa, FL


Located at the top of Old Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida, we are a waterfront community with 100 homes surrounded by water and natural conservation.  Our community has many amenities including a beach area with sand volleyball, access to a playground, tennis courts, basketball court and a fresh water marina with direct access to Tampa Bay.



Entry vball dock2 dock light

The Marina, boat ramp and boat lift are accessible to all residents.


You are required to follow all instructions in operating the boat lift and use safety precautions around the Marina.


No person may remain on their boat while the boat lift is moving.


Only one direction of the lift can be moving at a time.


No boat shall be left on the boat lift for more than 15 minutes.


To report issues with the Marina, boat ramp or boat lift, contact the CDD Supervisor over the Marina/Boat Lift.


The marina walkways are Private Property and are owned and maintained by the adjacent properties.  


Please use at your own risk.  The Owner is not responsible or liable for any injury, accident or loss of property that may occur.


Please be respectful and courteous when using the walkway.  


Marina Boat Limits- All boats used in the marina or boat left must conform to the following size restrictions:

Weight Limit is 12,500lbs - fully loaded including fuel, water and gear

Length Limit is 33' 0" overall (LOA), including anchor / pulpit to outboat motor / swim platform

Beam Limit is 10' 0" (maximum width)


All boats must be approved by the CDD and there will be no exceptions granted to these limits.


Vehicles and / or trailers are not permitted to be parked in any street, cul-de-sac or ramp for more than 15 minutes.  Loading / Unloading is limited to 15 minutes.  Overnight parking of trailers must be communicated to the HOA.  Please do not park your trailer directly opposite another parked vehicle, or too close to a driveway or  T-Junction impeding any sight lines for vehicles or pedestrians.  








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